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Here at Juno Web Design, based in Nottingham, we have a specialist in-house digital Copywriting team that aim to maximise the potential of your company and website.  Our extensively knowledgeable team aim to supply vital, killer content that sells amazingly and also helps boost on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Copywriting is vital for any and every website as it aids your company in optimising sales to its maximum potential. This is because the process of copywriting provides your company’s website with a vast range of information based methods off which allow your company to produce important required content towards search engines and online advertising platforms.

For example: Imagine that you are looking to buy a product online, what steps would you take?

1) Search – Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are used every second to find products for people worldwide.  When searching for products online people in Nottingham will either type in the product name or a product brand and appearing highly for these search terms can be very profitable.  SEO is the process to make a website rank higher for its main keywords than other competing websites and an important ranking factor is the amount of content and the speed at which the website is updated.  Regularly creating unique content on a site is increasingly becoming one of our top SEO weapons as many other website owners do not take the effort to do so.

A real life example of our team’s hard work in copywriting in order to win over search engine results can be found on the Controliss Blinds blog: Our extensive team of technologically minded and knowledgeably sound team have put in many hours of hard work for a company called Controliss Blinds. in turn our hard work has paid off and over 100 unique posts on the Controliss Blog has resulted in page one listings on Google. This success has come from massive keywords such as: “blinds”, “electric blinds” and “remote control blinds” all being optimised to their full potential.

2) Browsing – Words are the first thing visitors will judge your website by and the last thing that will close any deals or get them to pick up the phone all call you.  Sending out a clear message is very important to keep visitors hooked on to the site during the first 4 ‘un-easy’ seconds when they enter (when many people are likely to leave).  When looking at available services or products, a specification on its own won’t end up in many sales. This is again where our copywriting team comes in to it.

Our copywriting team in Nottingham know that you have to sell emotional advantages, not just facts about a product or a service to get the best returns.  Would you rather buy say, a dishwasher that spins faster than any other or one that gives quality results every time and can save you lots of time and effort?  Product descriptions are the last thing that can make someone put their hand into their pocket and pay, getting them right can really improve overall sales.

An example of our great product descriptions can be found on our Duffle Coat website:

Despite high end prices, the copywriting for each product along with clear and stylish imagery helps Montgomery sell many of their fine hand-made coats in the UK and worldwide, which in turn generates more revenue for the company as a whole.

What have we learned: Good copywriting improves search engine positioning as well as the conversion rates of a website.  Cutting corners or ignoring content writing can really hold a website back; in fact stolen copywriting is detectable by Google and could even have serious negative effects. This is why professional, imaginative copywriters such as us here at Juno Web Design offer you nothing but the best in copywriting services!