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Digital Marketing Agency Nottingham

Juno Web Design is a digital marketing agency based in Nottingham which serves clients across the UK.

Our services:

Content Strategy – Creating great content is by far the most effective way to hit the top of Google rankings – and stay there. We’ll help you hit your ranking targets by creating a content strategy for your marketing team based on analysis of traffic, search trends and keyword research.

Content Creation – Our copy writing team will transform your content – blogs, product descriptions and more. We produce exciting, effective and bang-on-trend content which is highly appealing to consumers and search engines.

Off page optimisation – we’ll analyse your code and tweak it for maximum SEO effectiveness.

Analysis – We will provide detailed analysis of your SEO successes using Analytics information and keyword/rank monitoring tools.

Social Media

Account management – We will take over your social media accounts and create vibrant and sharable content – giving your fans every incentive to engage.

Account creation – We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest social media trends – We manage Vine, Pinterest, Instagram Video and Google+ accounts in addition to Facebook and Twitter.

Competitions/Incentives – We’ll help you create highly effective Facebook-based competitions, boosting your social media audience and turning fans into customers through integration with your customer database.

Email marketing

Design – We’ll work with you to create stunning graphics for your mailouts .

Template creation – Turn your graphics into clickable email-friendly templates in any of the major mailshot clients: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and more.

Campaign management – We’ll manage your mailing databases, send out your campaigns and set up automatic responses to welcome new subscribers

Analysis/ advanced e-marketing – We’ll track mailout statistics and click through information, and create strategies for sending targeted mailouts to customers grouped by behaviour/demographic.


Account management – We’ll build your PPC campaign from the ground up and cover all bases by carrying out extensive keyword research and monitoring ad performance to increase effectiveness over time

Ad optimisation – We’ll advise you on the creation of high quality ads, which will help reduce your average cost-per-click and increase conversions.

Analysis/Monitoring – Constant monitoring your account and deal with any tweaks or errors preventing ads showing or showing to limited audiences.

Advanced features – We will use advanced techniques to exclude irrelevant traffic which boost traffic but don’t help with conversions.