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Panorama Consulting & Magento Integration

Any retail business needs to make the most of its ERP software if it’s going to reach its full potential, and that’s where Panorama Consulting can help. With proven methodologies and expert advice this is a company that can ensure you benefit from effective and usable software implementation that perfectly suits the needs of your business, but if you’re about to make the jump to the online channel you’re going to need even more. That’s where we come in.

Once you’ve taken the time to understand your ERP software you don’t want the hassle of changing things, and that’s why you need to consider business integration from Juno. We can take your current system and adapt it to your new Magento site, offering a seamless link between your online channel and your physical store, ensuring you can continue to reap the rewards of Panorama’s expertise whilst getting additional benefits thrown into the equation.

With integration from Juno you can get a whole range of advantages:

Real-time functionality to increase productivity and efficiency across every area of business
Information can be shared between all sectors
Stock levels will be automatically updated and customer details retained from initial point of contact
Accounting and sales information will be updated automatically, reducing the need for manual input
Admin time and staffing hours will be drastically reduced
Accurate reporting with up-to-the-minute information being available

Plus, with the Magento platform being your starting point you can really make the most of the ecommerce arena. Your site will be built around your individual business requirements to offer the functionality, looks and performance you want, and with an effective design incorporating visual appeal and SEO-rich content you can’t go wrong. You can make the most of your sales channel by highlighting key products and improving visibility, ultimately giving you the chance to appeal to customers as well as search engines to boost your potential from every angle.

With Panorama Consulting/Magento integration from Juno you get double the benefit, combining the efficiency of your current ERP solution with the functionality of Magento to offer everything you could need in one central point. You can boost productivity, cut costs and scale efficiently for the perfect solution to your ecommerce needs, so if you want to see what business integration could do for you make sure to call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and we’ll get started.

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