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Plastic Cases have for a long time been in my life as once apon a time I worked on a factory line at Gard Plasticases. Gard Plasticases are a supplier of first class top quality Manufacturer of plastic cases and distribute worldwide. Here are some facts about Gard Plasticases:

  • A high quality manufacturers of plastic cases since 1972.
  • Excellent reputation for product quality and service.
  • Huge product range to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Moulded inserts and screen printing for logos
  • UK Agents for Gaggione, Wag Cases and Bock

To Find out more about Gard Plasticases follow this link —-> Plastic Cases

Or call +44 (0)1622 871887 (ask for Andy Wheddon…he is the best plastic case expert in 4 counties!)

Plastic Cases | Web Design
Plastic Cases | Web Design

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