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Plex & Magento integrations

Plex Online offers high-impact cloud ERP solutions that can connect the entire retail and distribution process, encompassing everything from production management to sales, finance, inventory management and beyond, and if you use it in your company you’re bound to know how effective it can be. It can simplify processes and maximise your potential by putting you in complete control at every step of the way, but if you’re making the jump top the online arena you’re going to need even more. That’s where we can help.

Juno Web Design can take your current Plex system and can integrate it with your ecommerce store, intrinsically linking every part of the chain to bridge the gap between your online and offline operations. With real-time functionality you can minimise the need for manual input yet can maximise performance across the board—stock levels will be automatically updated to offer a better customer experience whilst allowing you to reorder efficiently, and shipping details will be retained to streamline the distribution process.

Accounting, sales and purchasing details will be automatically updated too—you can make decisions based on real-time data to improve business intelligence like never before, with accurate reporting being available from wherever you are for an instant overview into company performance. It gives the option for continual improvement whilst offering the chance to focus marketing activity more effectively, and because everything runs on an autonomous system you can cut costs and boost efficiency in one go.

Plus, with the Magento platform as your starting point, you can have the complete solution to your needs. Your site will be built around your unique requirements to ensure it’s a perfect reflection of your brand, and with a user-friendly yet SEO-aware design you can maximise your exposure whilst giving a great shopping experience. With this way of operating you’re in complete control and can really make the most of your ecommerce channel, and if you want to see how Plex and Magento integration could benefit your company make sure to get in touch and we could get things started.

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