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POS People & Magento Integration

If you use POS People software in your business, you already know how beneficial it can be. This flexible, scalable and feature-rich solution can ensure you run your business efficiently whilst boosting its performance from every angle, and if you’re about to take the plunge with an ecommerce store you’re going to want that same kind of functionality in this new platform. So why not integrate the two?

Here at Juno we can take your current POS People solution and will integrate it with your new Magento website, maximising your software spend whilst providing that vital link between your online channel and your physical store.

Main benefits:
Real-time functionality to instantly share information between all areas of the business
Automatically updated stock levels

Customer details are retained to improve the shopping experience whilst provide marketing insight
You can run reports based on real-time data for an accurate overview of sales, accounts and performance as a whole

Admin time is cut and staffing costs are reduced thanks to the autonomous nature of the system
Boost productivity, reduce costs and scale efficiently

We use the Magento platform as the starting point because of the results it’s able to deliver. It can be fully customised to suit your precise business needs, and with a user- and SEO-friendly design you can please shoppers as well as search engines to increase visibility and maximise your sales. Plus, because you’re in control you can be confident that everything is running smoothly, with Magento and POS People integration ensuring vital processes can be controlled from one central point.

If you want to see how this way of operating can work for your business you need to get in touch. We specialise in the Magento platform and that means we know what it takes to build solutions that can deliver, so if you want to start discussions between every party just call us on 0115 941 8122 or send an email to and we’ll get things underway.

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