Your browser does not support JavaScript! Magento is a handy tool that helps retailers find the right POS system to meet their needs. But what if you need to take it one step further than that? If it’s time to realise the potential of ecommerce you’re going to need a solution that can perform on every level, simplifying processes and coordinating your POS system with your online presence, and that’s where we can help.

Once you’ve found the ideal solution from, Juno Web Design can integrate things with your Magento site to provide a single point of contact across all aspects of your business. Information will be shared between all areas with the entire process being automated, with everything from warehousing to accounting being easily controlled for the height of efficiency.

Benefits of Magento integration:

Real-time functionality
Stock levels are automatically updated
Accurate reporting
Consolidated sales, accounting and inventory data
Customer details automatically retained
Reduced admin time and staffing hours
Automation and control

Plus, the Magento platform gives you even more benefits. Magento is the customer-facing part of your online channel and is the preferred choice for retailers across the globe, boasting high-end functionality for the customer as well as the business to maximise potential from every area.

Here at Juno we can build your Magento site around your unique requirements, and with SEO-friendly design, simple navigation and effective highlighting of products you’ve got the ideal platform. By incorporating this into your solution you’ll have a streamlined, efficient and wholly usable system that puts you in control, with everything you need being in one place.

You can save time, boost productivity and scale effectively with a fully-automated system that can work on every level, so to find out more about business integration from Juno make sure to get in touch.

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