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Posterita & Magento integrations

Posterita is a POS system with a difference. Utilising cloud-based technology it offers a single point of contact for your entire network, covering everything from inventory management to customer relations with an easy user interface and high level of control. This is a system that’s adaptable, scalable and perfectly suited to multiple store locations, but what if you’ve got an online channel as well? You’ll want to streamline processes here too, and that’s why integrating your Posterita system with your ecommerce site is the ideal solution.

Here at Juno Web Design we can help you achieve the desired results. We’ll integrate Posterita with your Magento ecommerce platform, providing that vital link between your online and offline channels to keep things running smoothly. Everything can be operated from one central point and with information being seamlessly shared between the two platforms it offers efficiency and control for optimum results, ensuring you can make the most of your system at every stage in the process.

With this kind of integration you can look forward to:

Real-time functionality
Automatic updates of stock levels
Easy access to accounting information and customer data
Up-to-date reporting
Time and cost savings
Minimal manual input required
Increased efficiency and productivity

Not only do you get all of these benefits, but because you’re utilising the Magento platform you can get even more. This is the preferred ecommerce solution of retailers across all industry sectors, offering functionality, ease of use, optimisation and customer experience like nothing else can. Your site can be fully customised to suit the needs of your business and because you’re in complete control you can make changes wherever and whenever you see fit, with the combination of Posterita and Magento offering the ideal multi-channel ecommerce solution.

We’re specialists in the Magento framework and that means we know what it takes to create websites that perform, and if you want to discuss the possibilities of business integration just get in touch and we’ll get things underway.

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