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QAD & AspDotNetStorefront

If you’re looking for software that can manage every part of the retail chain whilst giving the level of control you need, you could well have considered QAD. This full-featured system can take control of everything from business accounts to distribution, but if you’re looking to progress into the online field you’ll want to retain that same level of functionality on a whole new level. That’s where we can help.

Juno Web Design can maximise your software spend by integrating your current QAD system into a brand new AspDotNetStorefront platform, bridging the gap between your online and offline systems to make complex business processes as smooth as possible.
You can look forward to:

Real-time functionality and instant exchange of data throughout the company
Automatically updated stock levels thanks to the direct link from website to warehouse
Efficient reordering processes and a reduced possibility of overselling
Customers can order based on current availability and their details will be sent straight to shipping
Tracking of purchases for improved customer service and marketing benefit
Reduced manual input which means less admin time and associated staffing costs
Accurate, up-to-date reporting whenever you need for improved business intelligence
Increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and scalability

With this way of operating you’re in complete control, with everything being easily managed from one central point and a fully-autonomous system that ensures things are running smoothly.

We’ll build your site using the AspDotNetStorefront platform, bringing you the features and functionality you need to really make the most of your ecommerce channel. Everything can be easily customised to suit your individual requirements and with a user-friendly design, SEO-rich content, visual appeal and a high level of control you can attract interest and make those conversions with ease.

Want to see what QAD and AspDotNetStorefront integration could do for you? Then make sure to get in touch. Here at Juno we specialise in the ecommerce arena and know just what it takes to create solutions that deliver, so call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and we’ll get discussions underway.

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