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RCS Retail EPOS & Shopify Integration

RCS Retail offers EPOS solutions that perform, being ideal for any retail sector and for businesses of all sizes. Solutions can be configured according to individual requirements to ensure the best possible results, with the independent retailer and the multi-location chain alike benefiting from this way of operating, and with systems that incorporate everything from inventory management to store communication it can be the driving force behind your business growth. But, what if it’s time to make the jump to the online world? That’s when effective integration comes in, and here at Juno we could have the solution.

We’ll take your high-performing RCS system and will integrate it with a brand new Shopify site, bridging the gap between your multi-channel operations to streamline processes and offer the level of efficiency and control you need. This way of operating means you can look forward to:

Real-time functionality
Automatically updated stock levels
Improved inventory management and efficient reordering
Customer details automatically retained
Purchase tracking
Sales and accounting details updated on a real-time basis
Accurate reporting
Improved business intelligence and marketing benefit
Reduction in admin time and staffing costs
Efficiency, cost-effectiveness and total scalability

Plus, with the Shopify system as your base you’ll get an ecommerce solution that works on every level. With fully customisable templates you’ll have a truly bespoke site that boasts easy navigation, visual appeal and total flexibility complete with an SEO-friendly design and full backend functionality, maximising your exposure and your potential at every step of the way.

Here at Juno we know what it takes to create ecommerce solutions that perform, and we’ll put our skills and experience to good use to deliver measurable results to your business. RCS Retail and Shopify integration can transform your business for the better, so to see how it could work for you just get in touch and we’ll get started.

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