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Responsive Magento

Juno Web Design provide a range of digital services, including the design and creation of Responsive Magento Websites.

What is Responsive Design?

As technology advances and we are presented with more digital platforms to venture online, Responsive Magento Design is a way of allowing sites to be viewed at high quality, on a range of devices including desktop PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.

Historically, many companies have purely produced a website to be viewed on a PC, which, when trying to view through a tablet or smart phone, can be incredibly slow and frustrating. Now with the growth of customers using other devices to search and find sites, we provide a platform that enables the site to automatically detect what device the users has, from their screen resolution. The site then scales down to that particular device. Although smaller, the brand design and most important features such as “add to shopping basket” and “search” are still available on the smaller screens.

Juno Web Design specialises in using Magento to provide a sturdy platform for eCommerce stores. This structure allows the bespoke creation of front end design, the loading of thousands of products, the SEO power that boosts sites performance in search engines and the simple integration of the site, with retail clients existing ERP and EPOS systems.

With more and more people purchasing online through other devices, you want your site to look and perform at its best, however it is viewed.

Responsive Design is the next natural step, taking your online store and converting it to a Magento platform (that’s if you haven’t already) and creating the responsive system, which provides a seamless viewing experience for users.

If you are interested in any of our services and would like to talk more about Responsive Magento Web Design, contact the Juno Web Design team today.

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