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Retail Express AU & Magento Integration

Retail Express is a leading POS system that provides the complete retail management solution. Offering so much more than the norm, this software combines everything from inventory management to high-level point of sale functionality to deliver results when and where it matters, but what if you’re ready to tackle the next stage of your retail journey? You’ll need to incorporate that same level of functionality onto your online channel, and that’s where we can help.

Juno Web Design can take your current Retail Express system and can integrate it with a brand new Magento site, providing a seamless link between your online and offline operations to ensure you can achieve the results you want. You can boost productivity and efficiency across the board to maximise your potential from every angle, with just a few benefits being:

Real-time functionality with information being easily shared between all links in the supply chain
Automatically updated stock levels so customers can order based on real-time figures and you know when (and how much) to re-order

Customer details are retained to speed up the distribution process whilst giving you the chance to track purchases, offering valuable insight into shopping habits

The fully autonomous system means manual input will be kept to a minimum to cut admin time and offer great cost savings

Instant access to accounting information, sales data and reports when you need it
Boost productivity, cut costs and scale efficiently with a system that streamlines processes whilst putting you in control

Juno will create your bespoke solution using the Magento platform as the starting point, creating a user-friendly, visually appealing and functional site with SEO-rich content, attracting search engines and shoppers in equal measure to boost sales potential at every stage in the process. We specialise in this platform and know just what it takes to achieve the desired results, so if you want to see how Retail Express/Magento integration could work for your business just get in touch and we’ll get discussions underway.

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