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Sanderson ERP Magento Integration Extension

If your Manufacturing company already uses Sanderson ERP but need a programme in place that will take care of your stock levels, customer and distribution information, Juno are here to help.

We at Juno can build the bridge between your current ERP system- Sanderson and the server, which will translate information both ways allowing the exchange of important information such as:

STOCK MANAGEMENT: The website will request stock levels from Sanderson, which automatically updates the available stock, and puts a hold on the item when that stock has been sold.

SALES MANAGEMENT: This information is transmitted to Sanderson allowing sales processing in your warehouse.

CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT: One of the most important factors here is collecting new customer data created on the website from sales and sending it to Sanderson so that you can manipulate this data and use in marketing and promoting products.

Juno can create the bridge between your ERP system and Magento.

Magento is an e-commerce system created by Juno, which is the best solution for retailers in the UK and World Wide. Magento provides your business with in depth sales data, you have full control over your website. It’s SEO friendly and fully optimised for search engines. It’s totally compatible with Google analytics, Google Adwords and XML. Products can be filtered and grouped to suit customers’ needs and likes. Your best selling products can be featured and have special zoom displays and there are many more features which make this the obvious and only choice when choosing a system that does it all.

Other points to consider when integrating Sanderson with Magento is that you will have everything you need in one place, there is no searching around for customer details to send to the warehouse. Your customer service will be the best as everything is automated and very smooth, gaining more credibility and positive reviews. Finally, you can save money on administration costs and staff as everything is linked and automated. Saving hours of work manually updating websites, stock and prices.

For best results, this process requires planning and discussion to between all parties Juno, your distribution team and Sanderson.

To find out more about our broad experience with Magento Ecommerce and business integration please call us on 0115 941 8122 or contact us now.


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