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Seanic Retail & Magento integrations

Whether you’re a small independent retailer or a multi-location chain, you’re going to want an EPOS system that can give you the functionality and reliability you need. That’s why Seanic Retail could be ideal—this software can streamline your stock control system and improve cash management to boost efficiency and profitability from every angle, and being a fully scalable solution means it can grow with your business. But, if you’re making the jump to the online arena you’re going to need to take it up a notch, and that’s where Juno Web Design can help.

Juno can build a fully customisable ecommerce solution using the Magento platform as its foundation, and with Seanic Retail integration you’ll have that vital link between your physical store and your online channel. Information can be shared between all areas to provide total control and maximum efficiency across every aspect from inventory management to online sales, and with real-time functionality and instant online updates you can run your business with the level of communication you need.

With a direct link from warehouse to website it means that stock levels can be automatically updated, avoiding the possibility of overselling to offer benefits for your customers as well as your business. They can instantly see if a product is out of stock to avoid disappointment later down the line, and because their details will be retained and sent to shipping there won’t be any delays at the distribution stage.

This saving of information offers great marketing benefits too—you’ll get a valuable insight into shopping habits and can use sales data to personalise promotions and focus marketing spend, and with instant access to information you can run accurate reports whenever necessary. The automated system means manual input can be drastically reduced to cut admin time and associated staffing hours, and with information at your fingertips you’re in complete control and can have the peace of mind you need to know everything in running as smoothly as possible.

By integrating Seanic Retail with Magento you get the best of both platforms, and with Magento being the preferred ecommerce solution for retailers across a whole range of industries you can be confident that you’re in good company. With simple navigation, easy highlighting of key products, SEO-rich content and a high level of control you can provide a great customer experience whilst boosting your sales potential from every angle, ultimately ensuring you can make the most of your multi-channel operations.

If you’re looking for an ecommerce solution that has that kind of impact, make sure to get in touch. Being experts in the field of Magento design and integration means we know what it takes to deliver results, so contact us on 0115 941 8122 or email and we can get your project started.


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