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Shopify developers at Juno

All that nitty-gritty, high-tech stuff? We’ll take it off your hands.

A world-class e-commerce site has to nail a lot of different elements. It needs a beautifully responsive design, great content and clever coding – all stitched together and tied up with a pretty bow. Without someone to do all the technical bits, the whole site just turns to soup.

Luckily for you, we can build you an enviable Shopify site from the ground up. Our brainbox developers and talented designers work together to create a clean, fast, easy-to-navigate site that makes your customers’ journey an absolute breeze.

It gets better. Not only will we build you a super-strong website – one that doesn’t topple over when it’s inundated with traffic – we’ll also keep taking care of it in the long run. Think of our Shopify devs as your personalised team of lide coaches and stylists. We’ll build you up, give you a spruce and keeping checking to make sure everything’s working in tip-top condition.

Need for speed

Gone are the days when a slow-loading website was the norm, and you’d happily make a cuppa or eat a biscuit while you wait. As websites are getting faster and faster, our patience is getting shorter. Now, a mere one-second delay can result in a 7% decrease in conversion. Can you afford to make people wait?

Most e-commerce platforms are clunky and over-complicated, which slows down your site and hurts your conversion. That’s why we love Shopify: it’s simple, elegant and immensely powerful, which means our developers can go in and make all the clever tweaks and improvements that make your site work even faster.

Front-end development

Code is those strings of words and numbers that keep your website looking good and behaving nicely. It’s sort of like a secret language, and it’s a language our front-end developers are fluent in.

Our Shopify devs live and breathe code. They spread code on toast and eat it for breakfast. From clever animation to flawless UX and UI design, our developers are here to make sure your site is a pleasure to use.

Back-end development

If front-end is your fancy sports car, back-end development is the engine. It’s everything that happens behind the scenes. Back-end dev work includes anything from database interactions and APIs to the architeture of the site itself.

Don’t know your APIs from your IPAs? Don’t sweat it. Our back-end developers have got your back. They’ll get to know your site inside and out, upside down and back to front, ready to create new features and quickly fix any little bugs that crop up along the way.

Beautifully responsive, on-brand design

We don’t just throw you a pre-build theme that looks like everybody else’s. We create you an entirely bespoke site, tailored to enrich your brand and delight your customers.

Did you know 57% of customers won’t recommend a business if they have a poorly-designed mobile site? In a world where we’re glued to our smartphones, your site has to look great any sized screen, on any browser. That’s why we build sites that move seemlessly between devices. With clear calls to action and a clean, responsive design, we make sure your site is super-simple to use and great to look at – no matter how small the screen is.

Back-end development

We can’t stress this enough: Shopify is phenomenal. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, you don’t have to pay a whole development team just to patch things up and keep your site alive. Which means our developers have time to focus on the important stuff: making your site even more amazing.

Once your site is up, running and looking fabulous, we’ll spend our development time improving your site’s performace and conversion rate. We’ll also get busy automating processes and creating personalised extensions to make running your e-commerce business a whole lot easier.

Bespoke features & app development

Shopify has thousands of apps that will slot right into your site. You can choose from a huge selection of apps for shipping, point-of-sale, social media, customer service and much, much more.

So, where does Juno come in? Well, Shopify does a lot of work for you, which means we can focus on customising your new apps and creating bespoke features for your site. Need a personalised store locator? A quirky LiveChat bot? Perfectly-times abandoned cart alerts? We’ve got you covered.

Moving to Shopify?

Smart move. You won’t be sorry.

Most e-commerce platforms are filled with cracks, and no amount of superglue or bandages can keep them from breaking on a weekly basis. They’re awkward. They’re slow. They’re a headache waiting to happen. So it’s no surprise that the big-name brands have chosen to move to Shopify.

We’ll help you move your business over to Shopify, show you the ropes and get you making more sales. We create you a totally new website for you to experiment with, keeping your old site live the whole time. When you’re 100% happy, we’ll flip the switch and make your new site live. It’s as simple as that!

The best bit? We’ll handle all the data migration, transferring your blog posts, product date, images and content pages onto your new site. Easy peasy.

We’re here to make your life easier.