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Simply Invoice Magento

As a business you need to make sure you’ve got invoicing and POS software that can work seamlessly together, and if you use Simply Invoice you’re bound to know how beneficial it can be. Ideal for retail environments of all kinds this software offers the complete quoting and invoicing solution whilst incorporating stock control, contact management, bookkeeping, sales and purchasing, all with a direct link to your POS system to offer a functional and fully autonomous system. But what if you’re expanding to the online arena? That’s where we come in.

Here at Juno we can take your Simply Invoice software and integrate it with a bespoke Magento ecommerce site, bridging the gap between your online and offline channels to offer a high level of control and efficiency. You can benefit from real-time functionality and with every stage in the process covered you’ve got everything you could need to run your business effectively, with a few of the main benefits being:

Effective stock management with stock levels being automatically updated, alerting you when it’s time to re-order whilst letting customers know when a product is out of stock.

Customer details are retained from initial point of contact, with shipping addresses being automatically sent to distribution to speed up delivery and ensure ease of invoicing.
Sales data is updated on a real-time basis, offering accurate reporting and valuable marketing opportunities.

Accounting details can be easily accessed and utilised, simplifying processes and reducing admin time to cut costs and staffing hours.

With every aspect of retail being integrated you can boost efficiency and productivity at every step of the way, with everything from warehouse to website being seamlessly linked and effectively used. Everything can be coordinated from one central point to put you in complete control, and with the additional benefits of Magento (giving you a site that’s fully optimised, totally customisable and beautifully designed) you can get even more.

With this kind of integration you don’t need to waste your software investment yet can get the additional benefits of the Magento platform, offering the ideal solution to your ecommerce requirements. With full automation of sales and customer data you get the efficiency, scalability and reliability you need, putting you in control at every step of the way, so if you want to find out more about Simply Invoice integration and how it could work for you just get in touch and see what we can do.


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