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South West Systems EPOS & Shopify Integration

South West Systems provide high-end EPOS solutions to customers throughout the UK, covering a whole range of sectors and working according to individual business needs to ensure they can deliver a bespoke solution to suit. If you already benefit from one of their systems you’re not going to want to lose it when you take the plunge with an online store, and that’s where effective integration comes in.

Juno Web Design can take your current South West Systems-configured EPOS solution and will fully integrate it into your new Shopify platform, providing the perfect starting point for your online journey. We’ll bridge the gap between your online and offline operations to provide a single point of contact for every part of the business, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency like never before, with this way of operating bringing a huge range of benefits:

IMPROVED STOCK MANAGEMENT thanks to the direct link from website to warehouse meaning stock levels can be automatically updated, reducing the possibility of overselling and ensuring you can reach optimum stock levels with ease.

IMPROVED CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT as they’ll be able to order based on current availability, and because their details will be automatically retained and sent to shipping it streamlines the distribution process and ensures purchases can be tracked.

IMPROVED ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENT with sales and accounting details being updated on a real-time basis, offering accurate and up-to-the-minute reports whenever necessary whilst reducing admin time and associated staffing costs.

You can look forward to improved efficiency, total scalability and great cost savings across the board, and with the addition of the Shopify platform as your base you’ll have the ideal foundation for your online channel. With fully-customisable templates, user-friendly design and SEO-rich content you’ll have a site that works on every level, transforming your prospects and delivering the results you need.

South West Systems and Shopify integration from Juno can be the perfect way to take your business forwards, providing a high-end multi-channel solution that works. After thoroughly discussing the options with every party we can get things underway, so get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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