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Sparkstone & Magento Integration

Any EPOS software should put flexibility and functionality at its core, ensuring it can effectively manage the retail process of any environment necessary. Sparkstone offers software that can do just that—it manages every aspect of the retail chain from warehousing to customer relations, being a fully-featured and wholly scalable solution that can boost productivity and, ultimately, profitability. But what if you’re heading online? In that case you’re going to need even more, and here at Juno we can help.

Juno Web Design can integrate your Sparkstone system with a brand new Magento ecommerce site, bridging the gap between your online and offline operations to bring you the level of control and efficiency you need. Information can be instantly shared between all areas of the business, and with the system being fully autonomous you can look forward to a huge range of benefits:

Automatically updated stock levels in-store and online, so customers can see which products are in stock and you know when to reorder without needing to do a manual inventory.
Customer information is saved and sent straight to shipping, speeding up the distribution process whilst allowing you to track buying habits for better marketing focus.
Accounts and sales information can be accessed at any time to give a real-time indication of performance.
Admin is kept to a minimum thanks to the real-time and autonomous nature of the system.
You can save time, cut costs, boost productivity and scale efficiently.

We’ll start the process by building a bespoke ecommerce site that will be perfectly suited to your individual requirements, and with Magento you can get the level of functionality and performance you need. With fully customisable templates, aesthetic appeal, a feature-rich set-up and total control you can have a site that works for you, and because we design it with the user as well as search engines in mind you can boost your profile (and potential profits) like never before.

In order to achieve the necessary results it’s important to get discussions underway between every party, so if you want to see what Sparkstone and Magento integration can do for your business make sure to get in touch and you could soon have an ecommerce solution that can deliver.

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