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Split Testing

Split Testing is the new buzz word in online marketing and luckily Juno have their own expert in the field.  The practice works by testing out slightly different variations of the same web page, perhaps with a two or more different headings or main images and then recording down which one produces the best results.  Juno’s split testing results are only apparent when they are statistically significant; when a clear winning design has been approved we then aim to improve once more with a further split test, a positive refinement.

Split testing is used to increase the conversion rate of a website; the conversion rate could be the number of sales made, the number of telephone inquiries or the number of people submitting their details through a form.

There are three ways to make more money with a website:

1. Bring in more traffic to the website (number of visitors)
2. Create repeat/loyal customers (number of repeat visitors)
3. Improve the conversion rate (number of sales/visitor)

Split testing is a method to improve how users interact with a website; the beauty of improving the conversion rate of a website is that it can cost a lot less than gaining more traffic or improving customer relations.  Once the conversion rate of a website is raised you can enjoy an increased amount of sales per visitor and even try and improve on it some more.

There are many different variations of a website that can be tested including headings, content, images, price, backgrounds, buttons, videos, colours and many, many more.

If you sell a product online then actually raising the price of it could generate more sales as the customer could think the item was at a higher quality than before.  Images  and colours can have a positive or negative effect on the user, we have seen at Juno that orange “buy now” buttons work better than red or black ones for instance.  Image load times are important on a website, if a website takes 10 seconds to load then many people may have left by then on a competitor’s website, Juno have tested the fine balance between image size and quality in the past.

There is no clear cut way to say which web design techniques will create the best conversion rates, Juno design sites with all the best practices in mind but still testing is the only way to really see how to squeeze every penny you can out of your traffic levels.  One thing that is clear if you own a website is that you could increase your profits very easily with some simple testing, Amazon and Ebay use split testing and are prime examples of what split testing can do to your bottom line!

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