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Strategix & AspDotNetStorefront

Strategix is a full-featured ERP solution that allows you to consolidate all your complex business processes in one place, offering an efficient and wholly productive way to manage your company with the level of control and functionality you need. If you think it’s time to take the next step you’re going to want to retain the benefits you’ve come to rely on in your ecommerce channel, and business integration from Juno can give you the results you’re after.

Juno Web Design can take your current Strategix ERP system and will integrate it with a brand new AspDotNetStorefront site, bridging the gap between your online and offline channels to seamlessly link every part of the retail chain. Information can be instantly shared throughout the business and with real-time updates you’ll have all the data you need to effectively run your company from one central point, with a few benefits being:

Stock levels are updated online and in-store, letting customers see if their product is out of stock before they click the “buy” button whilst allowing you to reorder efficiently.

Customer details are retained from initial point of contact and automatically sent to the relevant parts of the business, streamlining processes and allowing purchases to be tracked.

Admin time (and costs) will be kept to a minimum as there’s little need for manual input—the autonomous system takes care of things for you.

Data can be accessed whenever necessary to boost business intelligence and provide valuable marketing benefit.

Costs will be cut and productivity enhanced with a wholly effective, scalable solution.

Juno will build your ecommerce solution using the AspDotNetStorefront platform as your starting point, offering fully-customisable templates to perfectly suit the needs of your business. With a user-friendly design, simple navigation, feature-rich backend and SEO-rich content you’ll have everything you need to maximise performance, ultimately having a big impact on your bottom line.

If you want to see what Strategix ERP/AspDotNetStorefront integration can do for you, make sure to get in touch. We can build you a bespoke solution that can perform on every level, so call us on 0845 544 1766 and we’ll get started.

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