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Swan Retail & AspDotNetStorefront

Any retail business knows that the right EPOS system can transform their prospects. With software that can track sales, improve stock control and combine every aspect of the retail chain you could maximise your potential like never before, and Swan Retail could be that solution. But, what if you want to make the jump to the online arena? You’re going to need a system that can offer even more, and integration from Juno could be the answer.

We can take your current Swan Retail solution and will integrate it with your new AspDotNetStorefront platform, bridging the gap between your online channel and your physical store to boost productivity and efficiency at every step of the way. With real-time data exchange and everything being visible from one central point you’re in complete control, and just a few additional benefits include:

Automatically updated stock levels which means customers can order based on current availability, and you’ll be instantly alerted when you need to reorder. This ensures you can reach optimum stock levels whilst the autonomous nature means members of staff won’t have to update stock numbers, prices and sales figures by hand, either on the website or in the accounts, reducing admin time no end.

Customer details are automatically retained and sent to appropriate sections of the supply chain, speeding up delivery and ensuring you can offer a great customer service. But, it also means that their purchases can be tracked to provide a valuable insight into buying habits, offering huge marketing potential and even giving the option of personalised promotions.

You can save time and money whilst boosting productivity at all times, with this fully autonomous system reducing the need for manual input to cut staffing hours and enhance efficiency. You can run accurate reports whenever necessary and can have the level of control you need, and with the addition of the AspDotNetStorefront platform you can get even more.

This is the customer-facing part of your business and is the preferred choice for retailers across the globe, offering reliability, functionality and control in one go. It can be built around your own unique requirements and with a totally user-friendly design, SEO-rich content and the option to highlight key products you can maximise your sales potential like nothing else can, and because we specialise in building ecommerce solutions that work you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

Want to see how Swan Retail/AspDotNetStorefront integration can work for you? Then make sure to get in touch and we’ll get discussions underway.

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