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TGI Ltd & Magento integration

TGI Ltd provides high-level ERP software solutions for manufacturers and distributors across a huge range of industries, offering an unrivalled level of functionality to improve processes andboost productivity across all areas of business. You get a supreme level of control from one central point which can transform your prospects for the better, but what if you’re making the jump to ecommerce? That’s when it’s time to step up your multi-channel game, and here at Juno we can help.

You’re going to want a fully-integrated system that can streamline your online and offline operations, and Juno Web Design can rise to that challenge. We’ll build you a bespoke Magento site and will integrate it with your current TGI system, providing a seamless link across every area from website to warehouse. You can instantly share information between all stages of your business to boost productivity and efficiency like never before, and with everything being updated on a real-time basis you’ll have a wholly functional solution to your ecommerce needs.

You can benefit from automatically-updated stock levels, offering improved inventory and sales control by avoiding the need for manual input and ensuring customers can order based on current availability. Customer details are automatically saved too, improving the distribution process and giving you the chance to track their purchases for valuable marketing insight, and you could even use it to personalise promotions (which can, in turn, improve customer loyalty).

Accounts and sales data can be easily accessed at any point to offer accurate reporting and an instant overview of company performance, and because you’re benefiting from a fully automated system there’s no need to waste staffing hours manually totting up the books. You’ll get a wholly streamlined, functional and scalable system that can boost efficiency at every step of the way, and with integration from Juno you can get even more.

We use the Magento platform as the starting point to build a fully customisable solution to your ecommerce needs. When you add into that the user-friendly design, SEO-rich content and high level of control you’ll have a system that works on every level, and with TGI integration you’ll have everything you need to run your business in one central framework.

If this sounds like the solution for you then make sure to get in touch. We can get the process started by discussing your requirements with every party in the chain, so if you want to see the benefits of high-level business integration just call us on 0115 941 8122 or email and see for yourself.

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