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Touchstone & AspDotNetStorefront

Touchstone is a leading provider of business software to companies across the board, offering a range of financial management and ERP solutions to suit a range of business needs. If you already benefit from the kind of functionality that such a system can bring you’re not going to want to lose it when you head to the online channel, and that’s why proper integration should be a key consideration.

Juno Web Design can take your current Touchstone solution and will seamlessly incorporate it into your ecommerce system, linking every part of the process to consolidate critical business systems and boost efficiency at every step of the way.

You can look forward to real-time functionality with information being shared throughout the company to improve decision making across the board, and the direct link between website and warehouse will ensure stock levels are automatically updated.

Customers can order based on current availability and their details will be automatically retained and sent to shipping, and the additional benefit of purchase tracking means you can get valuable insight into their buying habits.

Business intelligence will be improved to provide valuable marketing benefit, with accurate and fully up-to-date reports being easily accessed at any time and from any location.

The fully autonomous nature of the system means admin and paperwork will be kept to a minimum, cutting staffing hours (and therefore costs) and boosting efficiency to provide company-wide benefit.

Every part of the process will be coordinated and controlled from one central point, and it can easily grow with your business to provide total scalability as well. And, with the AspDotNetStorefront as your starting point you’ll have the complete ecommerce solution.
This is the ecommerce framework of choice for retailers across the globe, boasting full customisation, easy navigation, visual appeal and customer focus in one, and with the addition of SEO-rich content you can attract search engines as well as customers for maximum potential.

If you want to see what Touchstone/AspDotNetStorefront integration can do for you then make sure to get in touch and you could soon notice the difference for yourself.

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