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Twitter has accelerated into the online world recently becoming a hub for instant gossip, news and promotions. It’s messaging limit of 140 characters makes for small snappy comments and statements and Google notices new “tweets” within 10 seconds, news can spread extremely quickly on Twitter!

If you have a brand then Twitter is the best way to connect to your customers; it allows you to tell your followers about special offers, news and gossip as well as being able to interact one-on-one with customers and potential customers.

People love a bargain and you can entice people to follow your brand’s Twitter updates by offering discounts and special deals to your followers. Any out-of-date stock that you have can be quickly off-loaded to followers looking for a deal and you could sell any new expensive products with a small discount for example.

The search function on Twitter allows you to spot customers talking about your product, if someone bought your product then messaging directly to them could easily turn them into a loyal customer, if someone had a bad experience with your product then you could find out why and put out any disgruntlement.

Juno Media recently launched it’s PR side company JPR Marketing which focuses on brand awareness and PR. Currently JPR are handling many brands and teach clients how to blog and tweet effectively using the tools Juno’s web design team put in place.

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