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Wasp Barcode Magento integration

Being in the retail sector means you need an EPOS system that can perform, and if you’re a small business you could well have considered Wasp. Wasp offers simple, reliable and wholly functional EPOS solutions that have been designed with the smaller business in mind, offering inventory management, credit card processing and efficient sales tracking in one package. But what if you want to take your business to the next level? The online arena is waiting, and that means you need an ecommerce solution to suit.

Here at Juno Web Design we can build a bespoke ecommerce site that can ensure you make the most of this new challenge, and because we can integrate your current Wasp system you can retain that same level of functionality to keep things simple and hassle-free.

We’ll bridge the gap between your online and offline channels, providing a seamless link so every part of the chain is accommodated and effectively controlled from one central point. You get the benefits of real-time functionality and automatically updated stock levels, instant access to sales and accounting details for up-to-the-minute reporting, automatic retention of customer details and minimal manual input, with everything combining to offer time and cost savings across every area.

Plus, by using the Magento ecommerce platform as your starting point, you can look forward to even more. Magento is the customer-facing part of your ecommerce store and with easy navigation, effective design and rich content you can offer a great customer experience whilst optimising your sales, attracting interest and maximising your potential from every area.

With Wasp and Magento integration from Juno you can get the whole package—a fully-functional ecommerce solution that gives complete control over every aspect of your business, saving time and increasing productivity with a system that works. Of course, effective planning between all parties will be the cornerstone of success, so if you want to get discussions underway just get in touch and see how integration could benefit you and your business.

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