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web design – cquestrate

The Cquestrate web design project is one of our favourites for several reasons. Cquestrate is a central point for discussion, with focus on developing an open source solution to increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Bold ambition to help raise understanding and develop a theory that could impact all of our futures and possibly help protect future generations was the basis for the web project… and we like that. The wider web community liked it as well and the bloggers delivered thousands of posts about the website. Generating massive traffic in a few days the phenomenon spread virally like wild fire. Fortunately we were well briefed and expecting the immense traffic levels, first implementing an expandable server solution.

The web design is on that we reference regularly as it is powerful information engine. Content is king here with pages posts and articles of engaging subject matter, combined with video. The web design is clean, modern and considered to draw the eye to relevant information, with simple and intuitive navigation.

We were commissioned for this project by Maverick Television.

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