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Web Design Leicester

Juno Web Design are a team of professional web designers that focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion rates.  We serve the UK and are based in the East Midlands, near to cities such as Leicester, Nottingham and Derby.

We are an integral part of the digital agency Juno Media; a media company that can combine web design, web development, search engine optimisation, PR and copywriting for medium to large businesses in Leicestershire.

Making a good looking website isn’t actually the most important thing to us (although you can check out our portfolio to see our stunning designs!).  What we primarily focus on is designing a site which places a brand or product in the best possible light, can be modified by a non-technical person and that works amazingly in Google’s search engine results.

Brand Awareness – The way visitors to your site perceive your brand or product range is very important to your bottom line.  If you ran a serious legal service for example a colourful and zany website could easily put off your potential clients, similarly a dark moody website wouldn’t sell children’s clothing! Each website we design caters towards each client, no common templates or “one size fits all” design is ever used by us, we care about your brand and use graphics to reflect you in the best light.

CMS Systems – Whether we build you a small simple website to enhance your local business or a huge ecommerce platform with 10,000 products we always use a content managed system (CMS) to make things simple for our clients.  All CMS websites have a simple interface to create new pages and edit things such as blogs, pages and data.  If you can use word processing programs such as Microsoft Word or Open Office then you can use a CMS website built by us and take control of everything without the need for technical knowledge or any help.  This freedom saves you costs and hassle in the long run whenever changes are required.

SEO Friendly – All our websites are built with Google in mind from day one, you are likely to have found this page right now by searching for a ‘Leicester Web Design’ based keyword in Google for example.  We have been developing technology since 2006 that makes the most out of written copy,  descriptions and landing pages. Our sites automatically present data to search engines exactly how search engines such as Google recommends.  Our client sites have reached traffic levels of over 1000 visits a day, call us to hear about our latest search engine process and what majorly competitive keywords we have ranked #1 for…

Do you have the willingness to make a successful online business in Leicester? The Juno Web Design team offer unparalleled web design skill and whilst we’re not the cheapest option in Leicestershire, one look at our current clients will show you that we are the best value.

Call us now on 0845 544 1766 to discuss your needs with no obligation or fees involved.

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