WooCommerce + Rakuten Integrations

The development team at Juno is proud to provide a full range of integration services for your e-commerce firm. Led by an expert Integrations Architect, we use the best-in-class Juno Connect Pro suite to seamlessly connect your EPOS/ERP with your e-commerce systems, allowing your financial and business information to connect.

Is your business new and successful?

Here at Juno we frequently hear from younger retailers who are trying to manage their increased sales success and their developing business processes. This juggling act can result in extra costs, unwanted customer services issues and difficult business processes.

Avoid these typical growing pains and save yourself from longer-term issues by integrating your sales and business systems together.

We can help out

Are you a bricks-and-mortar retailer wanting to take your shop online?

Integrating now using Juno’s clever integration solution will let you get to grips with your marketing, finance and EPOS data.

  • Activate transactions out-of-hours to make sure you don’t build a backlog of orders over the weekend.
  • The automated systems means you’ll no longer need to use manual data entry.
  • Juno Connect Pro is a complete solution ensuring your business data and sales figures match your warehouse and finance systems.

Still a developing company? Juno are keen to work with you to create the most flexible, customisable and effective use of WooCommerce and Rakuten , creating a particularly dynamic integration.

Contact us now to find out how to make your upcoming business a swift success with WooCommerce and Rakuten Integration – call 0115 941 8122 or contact us now.

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    Complete solution

    Store all of your business and finance data in one secure and swift environment.

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    Fully automated

    Save time wasted on manual data input by using the automated system.

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    Proven technology

    Juno Connect Pro has been used by a number of firms using and integration.

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    100% data quality

    The impressive data quality lets you have confidence in the accuracy of your sales and business data.

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    Adapt, change and work with the system to meet your own growing needs.

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    The visible reporting system allows you to view and understand your information easily.