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Please put your hands together and welcome to the stage Xcommerce.

Xcommerce is an open commerce-space platform, which allows merchants and developers to create and provide a seamless experience for customer which can be finely targeted. It provides everything you need for your website including shopping carts, payment systems and integration within companies linking with existing Epos and ERP systems. This will completely revolutionise the online marketplace.

Juno Web Design are straight on this bandwagon, although we have been providing integration services for a while now. Xcommerce will increase sales for companies by provide an exceptional shopping experience to customers on all media platforms, from mobile phones, online and in store.

Juno currently uses Magento to provide an online public facing presence for a range of companies.

This allows companies to link up their online and offline stores, ensuring everything is automated and in one place.

The recent purchase of Magento by EBay makes Xcommerce an even more powerful tool in selling online using companies such as PayPal to integrate payments.

If the idea of taking the next step in commerce technology excites you, drop us a line at or call us on 0845 544 1766

Get on the bandwagon with Juno and welcome Xcommerce with open arms.

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