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Oct 20,2009 Juno Ecommerce Ecommerce

2009 PHP Barcelona Conference

Hey, all you PHP Developers: it’s not too late to get your tickets to the 2009 PHP Barcelona Conference—it will be happening October 30-31 in, of course, Barcelona. It is a two-day event with three simultaneous sessions all day each day. The conference motto is "Interesting sessions for smart people, with a touch of practicality". This is the third year for the event, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever, PLUS it is being held in one of the more beautiful cities in Europe.

Rasmus Lerdorf, a Danish developer, created PHP in 1995 in part to track how many people were visiting his website(s). He considered it to be the "fastest and simplest tool" for creating dynamic web pages for your web design. It has evolved into a widely used scripting language that is well suited for web development.

Last year’s conference included subjects like detecting and debugging PHP scripts with XDebug, an overview of SQLite3, PHP integration with Oracle Database, increasing volume and speed on your PHP website, creating SOAP clients and servers in PHP, etc. This year’s conference features a jam-packed schedule with experts lecturing on the history of PHP, working with web service for web designdevelopers, advanced models and data structures, and web application development using Oracle, to name just a few. There will also be a workshop on using Agile Extreme Programming to develop a sample web project and a tutorial on writing efficient Oracle PHP applications.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out the Conference website at