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How Juno, in partnership with Yotpo, boosted performance across the board for ICONIC London.

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Empowering an iconic brand

For over a year, Juno has been collaborating with ICONIC London to provide them with continued ecommerce support, as well as connect them with a range of tech partners.

We’ll be cooperating continuously to map out powerful strategies to help the brand grow, and with our ongoing support they’ve already seen some incredible results.

Find out how our journey with ICONIC London started, and where they’re headed.

It’s been a real pleasure working with Juno, as their team’s dedication to understanding our business needs and delivering a website that truly reflects our brand has exceeded our expectations.Colin Hall, Senior Ecommerce Manager at ICONIC London

Colin Hall, Senior Ecommerce Manager at ICONIC London

The Challenge

With their 100% cruelty-free vegan makeup products and brushes, ICONIC London has made huge strides since being founded in 2015.

But as a rapidly growing brand, they knew they needed to make some changes to stand out in a highly competitive and evolving industry. For starters, it was time for:

  • A full redesign of their purchase funnel - the core pages of any ecommerce store
  • Improved navigation, so customers could easily find the products they love
  • A complete UX audit
  • More personalisation and ways to boost conversion and retention

    As a social media and influencer driven business, Juno assisted ICONIC London by reviewing their tech stack and the way various channels and solutions interacted. With fast-paced launches clashing with bloated code, they were on a mission to improve the customer journey and improve site performance.

    Overall, their goal was to optimise and revamp their ecommerce operation, and as a result boost conversion rates, average order value (AOV), and website performance with a particular focus on the mobile experience where most of their customers purchase.

    With Juno’s track record of delivering powerful ecommerce experiences, and our focus on ongoing support and strategy development, ICONIC London knew they were in safe hands.

The Solution

After initial consultation, our ecommerce experts identified some key areas to prioritise.

We redesigned ICONIC London’s core web pages, and implemented a new customer journey and hierarchy to optimise the way in which customers would browse. As part of this redesign, we completely revamped their collection page and product pages to improve UX, as well as functionality to ensure a unique experience which converts.

In addition, we built a number of Shopify 2.0 sections to help ICONIC London promote new campaigns, allowing them to more effectively and efficiently manage their success. 2.0 is the newest technology from Shopify, granting us even more freedom over how we build unique experiences.

For their tech stack and channels? We linked their social media accounts with their website, allowing for more interaction and analytics capabilities between the two. And to boost site performance and eliminate unnecessary code, we performed a full tech review and seamlessly integrated their systems and data.

But that’s not all. We wanted to give ICONIC London an extra advantage, so we identified some key tech partners including Yotpo, who we knew would be perfect for their goals.

Though ICONIC London was already partnering with Yotpo, we upgraded the experience. Yotpo’s powerful, industry-leading solutions included a loyalty and rewards program, which we used to create a bespoke design and styling customisation, added entry points sitewide, and custom icons for loyalty pages. We created a completely customised branded look and feel for the loyalty pages, focusing on UX design to guarantee the best experience possible for ICONIC London’s customers. 

We also worked with Yotpo to integrate their reviews functionality, leveraging their review search functionality and product Q&As to increase page visibility.

The Results

Outside of a successful Black Friday, Additional Lengths have seen some great results since their website launched.

They’ve even already received positive feedback on their new website from their customers!

But within just one business quarter, they’ve seen a 0.9%-1% increase in conversion rates, 39% month-over-month growth, and a 5% increase in average order value (AOV).That’s a great result. And as they continue to grow, they’ll be supported every step of the way by Juno.

Increased conversion


Increase in organic traffic


Reviews since implementing Yotpo


Conversion rate from visitors engaging with reviews


Higher average revenue from reward redeemers


Higher repeat purchase rate from reward redeemers


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