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We partner and work closely with the best in the Ecommerce industry to grow, support, empower and scale our clients' businesses.

E-Commerce | Shopify

Shopify is a leading provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, offering trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business of any size. Shopify makes commerce better for everyone with a platform and services that are engineered for reliability, while delivering a better shopping experience for consumers everywhere.

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Customer Service | Gorgias

Gorgias is the #1 help desk for ecommerce where you manage all of your customer communication channels in one platform – email, live chat, Whatsapp, SMS, phone calls, FB, IG (including IG DMs), reviews, and more. This combined with our automation and integrations make it the most efficient way to offer an exceptional customer experience.

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AI Search | Klevu

Klevu’s AI powered product discovery technology drives traffic, conversion and loyalty for ecommerce websites, while reducing bounce rates.

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iPaaS | Patchworks

Patchworks is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Their secure, cloud-based platform allows retailers to automate the flow of data between business-critical systems/applications in a smart, intuitive way.

Businesses can pick and mix from best-of-breed applications to tackle specific goals...perhaps an eCommerce application for sales order processing; an ERP system for records management; a warehouse management system to maintain inventory and a CRM for relationship management and marketing.

On their own, these applications fulfil individual requirements perfectly. However, the key to real strategic advantage is integration - establishing a frictionless exchange of data between all applications, in a smart way.

Fraud Protection | Signifyd

Signifyd provides an end-to-end Commerce Protection Platform that leverages its Commerce Network to maximise conversion, automate customer experience and eliminate fraud and consumer abuse risk for retailers.

This is done by increasing merchants approval rate by an average of 5-7% - removing any false declines and shifting all liability to Signifyd for any fraud and post-purchase abuse.

Signifyd, which is the leading provider of payment security and fraud prevention for the Top 1000 Retailers for 2022, is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with locations in Denver, New York, Mexico City, São Paulo, Belfast and London.

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B2B Solutions | Sparklayer

SparkLayer is an eCommerce platform that enables brands to rapidly scale and grow their B2B operation. It works alongside their existing online store, enabling a powerful self-service portal for B2B customers to place orders, manage their account, and much more. Under the hood is a technical feature-set that also allows brands to connect to their mission-critical systems (such as an ERP or CRM) allowing automation of their processes. SparkLayer enables this in one complete solution, helping brands achieve their ambitious B2B goals.

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Personalisation | Nosto

Nosto enables retailers to deliver authentic and personalized digital shopping experiences at every touchpoint. As an AI-powered commerce experience platform designed for ease of use, Nosto empowers retailers to quickly build, launch, and optimize 1:1 omnichannel marketing campaigns and digital experiences without the need for dedicated IT resources.

Nosto enables retailers to deliver authentic and personalized digital shopping experiences at every touchpoint.

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E-mail Marketing | Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that provides data-driven marketing tools — like email, SMS, and forms — for ecommerce brands. Because Klaviyo has a built-in customer data platform (CDP) at its core, you can easily use every piece of customer data from across your tech stack to personalize your customer experiences. That means more relevant and timely messages, which means more sales and higher customer lifetime value.

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CRO | Salesfire

Salesfire provides retailers with intelligent conversion rate optimisation solutions that maximise sales, boost AOV and drive revenue to help retailers to sell more online.
Optimising the most influential touchpoints of the customer journey, Salesfire’s range of solutions allows you to enhance product discovery, deliver hyper-personalised experiences and convert more visitors into customers.

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Loyalty | Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion power loyalty programs which help drive more revenue from existing customers, increasing their lifetime value and driving more cost-effective acquisition through advocacy.

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UGC | Yotpo

Yotpo provide a range of ecommerce marketing solutions, including reviews, UGC, loyalty programs, subscriptions and SMS bump.

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Compliance | Axeptio

Axeptio make consent and preferences intuitive, sleek, and fun. Your choices regarding personal data are a serious matter, so customers need to feel interested and understand the subject.

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Compliance | OneTrust

OneTrust offers simple and scalable privacy and security compliance tools tailored to help growing businesses meet GDPR and CCPA requirements, among others.

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Data Validation | Fetchify

Fetchify processes millions of data transactions every month for clients ranging from start-ups to established high-street names. Its flagship products are Global Address Auto Complete and UK Postcode Lookup. The company also offers a full suite of data validation tools - including phone, email, bank - and data cleansing, too.

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Data Backups | Rewind

Rewind enables you to back up, restore and copy your Shopify theme's data.

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UGC | Covetpics

Covetpics allows you to create a shoppable, customizable, user-generated and easily curated gallery.

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Email Templates | OrderlyEmails

Seamless Shopify email customisation. OrderlyEmails lets you easily personalise each email template that Shopify sends on your behalf, such as the order confirmation email that every customer receives.

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Shipping automation | Sendcloud

Sendcloud Europe’s #1 shipping automation platform. Turning shipping into an accelerator for growth. We help ecommerce businesses increase checkout conversions, ensure branded tracking communication, automate returns, and expand internationally.

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Subscriptions | Recharge

Recharge enable you to build and scale subscription programs., increasing customer engagement and LTV.

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Headless | Hygraph

Hygraph is a market-leading GraphQL Headless CMS which can be tailored to leverage overall site performance as well as potential Shopify limitations

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Image Optimisation | Crush Pics automates image compression to improve site speed and also provides an intuitive image renaming wizard.

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Professional Invoices | Sufio

Sufio is a professional invoicing solution that automatically creates and sends invoices for your Shopify store orders.
Just select one of the brand-focused invoice templates and rest easy knowing your documents meet worldwide B2C and B2B sales compliance.
Sufio also allows you to create custom workflows according to your unique business needs, giving you space to automate every part of the invoicing process and leaving you with more time to focus on growing a successful business.

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Reviews | Trustpilot

A digital platform that brings businesses and consumers together to foster trust and inspire collaboration. Free to use, open to everybody, and built on transparency.
Trustpilot hosts reviews to help consumers shop with confidence and deliver rich insights to help businesses improve the experience they offer. The more consumers use our platform and share their own opinions, the richer the insights we offer businesses, and the more opportunities they have to earn the trust of consumers, from all around the world.

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PIM | Plytix

Plytix PIM is a central hub where e-commerce teams can manage their product information. Our users enrich, organize, and distribute product content all from Plytix PIM, ensuring uniform and optimized product data on all of their sales channels.

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Payment Solutions | Mollie

Mollie is one of the fastest-growing payment services providers in Europe. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Amsterdam, the firm facilitates companies of all sizes to scale and grow by offering multiple payment methods such as Klarna, Paypal and Cards.

Mollie has over 130,000 customers and is on a mission to become the world’s most loved financial services provider.

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Campaign Management Platform | Dotdigital

Dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that harnesses the power of customer data, powering engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale. Digital marketers around the world love the easy-to-use platform that connects first party data across marketing systems, surfacing powerful insights and automating predictive cross-channel messages. Trusted by 4,000+ brands across 150 countries for over 20 years, Dotdigital’s intelligent features empower users to connect and deliver memorable messages across email, SMS, chat, push, social and more.

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