Ongoing Support

We help you keep your store growing long after launch.

What do we offer?

In addition to our core services, it’s important to us that your store runs perfectly even after launch. We’re in the business of building strong and long lasting relationships, and to ensure that, we’re committed to providing reliable support that ensures your website remains secure, up to date, and optimised for peak performance.

But we don’t just take care of the technical aspects. We also support you continuously on multiple key areas across your business, from web design to marketing.

Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting

With our support services, we monitor your website for any issues, performance bottlenecks, or security vulnerabilities to keep things running smoothly at all times. That way, we can address potential problems before they impact the user experience.

Whether it’s a feature, an issue with compatibility, or performance issues, we’ll get to the bottom of it quickly and efficiently.

Support Strategies

Yes, we like making eye-catching websites. But we make sure to rely on accurate data to define strategies which convert. On our retainer plans, we’ll regularly discuss and adapt our approach to a number of areas with you and your team.

That includes general consultancy and roadmapping, our powerful and attentive UX/UI audits, development, marketing support, and more. Need help creating a powerful content strategy which converts? We’ll work closely with you to create something unique to your business.

Keep on top of the newest tech

We’re here to take care of your tech stack, and make sure you’re always up to date with new trends, best practices, and technologies. 

To ensure this, our support team performs regular updates and patches. We stay on top of the latest software releases, security patches, and framework updates, so that your website stays protected from intrusions and remains ahead of the competition. We also partner with key technology providers to offer you the best solutions possible, tailored to your business needs.

We’ll also take care of your technical SEO, ensuring your website is fully optimised to climb the search rankings.

Performance Optimisation

Worried about a slow-loading website? It can easily lead to frustrated visitors and lost sales, which is why our Support services include ongoing performance optimisation. By enhancing the speed and efficiency of your website, you’ll delight your customers with fast service every time.

Marketing - Boost your conversions

Our support goes far beyond the technical aspects of your website. We’re also committed to providing you with ongoing marketing advice and strategy, to boost your conversions and ensure that you achieve (and exceed) your targets. Our objective is to help you keep gaining customers long after project launch.

That includes content strategy development, MarTech integrations, regular analytics and performance reports to keep you in the loop about what’s working.

What does this mean for you?

- Boost conversions long after project launch
- Continuous support across multiple key areas
- Save money on unexpected maintenance costs