We’re always on the lookout for creative and forward-thinking people to join our team. Take a look at some of our current vacancies.

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Go getters

We’re not the kind of company that makes you sit there and do as you’re told. We want you to share ideas, take initiative and work as a team.

Self improvers

We don’t just want people with a full career already behind them. We also want the people who are just starting out and are looking for personal and professional development. And we’ll guide you, every step of the way.

Question askers

A team of creatives should be… well, creative. There’s never a stupid question or idea, and sometimes innovation comes from the most out-there suggestions.

Passionate workers

We love our work, and we hope to share that passion with our team. We’re always looking for ways to tailor your workload so that you enjoy working with us.

Remote working

At Juno, we believe in creating a comfortable environment for our team. That’s why we offer fully remote working, so you can strike that important work-life balance.

But we’re also flexible, and we understand that important things sometimes pop up in life. We offer our team the room to take care of what they need to. Whether that’s picking up the kids from school, attending a doctor’s appointment, or anything in between.

That doesn’t mean you have to work remotely if you don’t want to. We have an office in Nottingham and a WeWork space in London, so if you fancy spending your time in the office, you’re more than welcome.

People first agency

We can’t do the amazing work we offer without our hard-working team. That’s why we prioritise your physical and mental health to ensure you’re happy and satisfied with your place here.

We have an open-door policy for any worries or concerns you might have. And don’t worry about feeling isolated - we have meet ups to try and get people together, so you can build stronger bonds with the people who have your back.

Current opportunities
We’re always looking for talented self-starters to join our team. If you think Juno might be the perfect fit for you, check out our current vacancies and see if any fit the bill.