Paid Media Audits

Stay in the loop with our in-depth Paid Media Audit service.

What do we offer?

Your Paid Media advertising campaigns are an essential component of your online presence. They bridge the gap between your business and potential customers, but only when meticulously optimised and maintained. That's where the significance of a comprehensive Paid Media Audit comes into play.

Our eagle-eyed approach to Paid Media Audits brings valuable insights about your campaigns to the surface. We analyse every element of your campaigns - from keyword performance to ad copy relevance, from landing page effectiveness to conversion rates. Through this deep-dive analysis, we expose areas that are underperforming or eating into your ad spend without generating a positive return.

So, are you ready for your Paid Media Audit?

In-depth consultation

We begin with an initial consultation, where we learn about your business, your goals, your target audience, and your current paid media efforts. Understanding your unique needs and objectives is crucial to deliver a meaningful, actionable audit.

From there, we’ll assess the structure of your paid media accounts, considering aspects such as ad groups, keywords, match types, and campaign settings. This helps us identify any organisational issues that may be impacting your performance.

Keyword analysis and SEO optimisation

A comprehensive examination of your keyword performance allows us to identify potential inefficiencies and discover areas ripe for growth. We look at keyword relevance, match types, negative keywords, and search query reports.

We’ll also examine your ad copy and landing pages to ensure they're optimised for conversion. This includes checking for message content, calls to action, loading speeds, and mobile optimisation.

Performance and budget analysis

By reviewing your bidding strategies, budgets, and conversion tracking setup, we can ensure that your budget allocation is well-optimised and that you're accurately tracking conversion metrics.

In addition, we’ll look at your campaign metrics, such as click-through rates, conversion rates, impression share, cost per conversion, and quality scores, to uncover trends, issues, and opportunities. We don't leave you in the dark with just stacks of data - we deliver an easy-to-understand audit report rich in insights and clear in recommendations.

Commitment to continuous support

We see ourselves not just as your service provider but as your partner in success. We're invested in your results and committed to helping you achieve your goals. This commitment is reflected in our continuous support, communication, and dedication to your success.

At Juno, we're about more than just paid media audits. We're about providing a service that adds real value to your e-commerce business, helping you make the most of your ad spend, and guiding you on the path to continuous growth and success. We’re ready to help you and action anything we discover on a retainer basis.

What does all this mean for you?

- Valuable insights on campaigns and audiences.
- Boost engagement and conversions with optimised ads.
- Generate positive returns from your ad spends.