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Dec 07,2008 Juno Ecommerce Ecommerce SEO

7 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog Today

Are you trying to find ways to drive traffic to your blog today? There are many things you can do; but the main thing you want to think about is targeted traffic. It's much easier to get random people to go to your page, but they probably will not be interested in the information you have provided.

Why would you want aspiring baseball players to read about home interior decoration? Targeted traffic does matter and makes a big difference to your profit potential, subscribed readers, and much more.

Here are some ways you can ensure that you drive tons of targeted blog traffic to your website.

#7 - Comment on Other People's Blogs

Yes you can comment on other people's blogs and you can start today, when you leave a relevant post and then link back to your blog, you could increase amount of backlinks and also increase the amount of traffic you receive.

#6 - Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories

Yes, you can submit your blog to blog directories and increase backlinks. You'll have a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines by submitting your blog to blog directories as well!

#5 - Have a Big Obvious RSS Feed Button

RSS stands for really simple syndication...actually it stands for Rich Site Summary, but it does syndicate your articles extremely easy. If you make your RSS button really obvious - you will get tons of subscribers who will read your post everyday. They may go to a social bookmarking website and recommend your site to others!

#4 - Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking can be tough to get targeted traffic - but you'll get plenty of it, and some people may subscribe to your blog. It's a great alternative to other methods, and can be rather fun as well!

#3 - Ping-O-Matic

This instantly tells the major search engines and blog search engine/directories that your blog is ready to be updated because it has fresh content. By updating your blog everyday with fresh content and pinging it, you'll ensure that you'll get more traffic in due time!

#2 - Posting Articles Around the Web

There are article directories all across the internet, and you can make sure that you post them and send traffic straight to your blog

#1 - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can turn a zero into a blog hero, but it's an enduring task. Once you have mastered SEO and how it works, you'll be getting free traffic on a daily basis, hundreds and even thousands of people will visit your website on a daily basis.

You might also want to use a tool like sitemeter or's tool to track all the people who are visiting your blog site. SEO means free targeted traffic, which in the end means more sales for you!