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Aug 12,2008 Shopify API Ecommerce

8 Things Twitter Is

Twitter is all about interaction and if you aren’t following, you aren’t interacting . Twitter is a mobile social network, unlike the other social networks that have "mobile features". If they sell, they should hold out for as long as possible. Twitter is winning and most of its competitors remain in denial. In spite of almost 5 months of unavailability of its most viral service, Twitter remains the platform of choice for most users.

Twitter is an entry-way to blogs. Not everything can be communicated in 140 character bursts. Twitter is becoming the canary in the news coalmine. It stands to reason: if you've just gone through a major event, you are sure to want to update your friends about it. Twitter is not on the watch list. There is no technology watch list.

Twitter is even a slick office tool which you can use to track meeting notes, and pass them onto people who are absent. Just think of it as a high tech tool to pass dynamic notes to other people. Twitter is like an RSS feed to every boring aspect of your friend?s lives. And your friends are boring. Twitter isn’t just a place where you tell the world what you are doing. Its uses have expanded beyond a broadcast tool to a listening device and filter of information.

Twitter is like having an office team available 24 hours a day, without having to sit through unproductive meetings. I think it is important and should be taken seriously by social researchers. Twitter is broke because it had the wrong design. However, I do believe the choice of tool encourages the design. Twitter is so much more interesting when you’re interacting with others. You’d be surprised at the interesting debates and conversations that can pop up.

Twitter is the place for quick, short commentary to be thrown in the bustling cauldron of discussion that is the internet. Twitter is ultimately all about community. The quality of your Twitter community depends on whether or not you really want to be a part of a community. Twitter is a hybrid of instant messaging and social networking. It’s a more intense experience to monitor and take part in than Facebook is.

Twitter is
a powerful social media service and it does a fantastic job of connecting people. That's its strength. Twitter is the dumbest thing you will ever see. But the truth is it… Now I sound like an evangelical crazy woman. Twitter is easy to implement using an ActiveMQ (Java) cluster for the subscriptions, PHP for the front end/API, and another Java farm for message delivery. You can put all your eggs in one basket.

Twitter is rather like blogging with just an RSS feed. Twitter is like someone with no long-term memory. Twitter is expecting, more than anything, to get input from the user before the user decides to read the Twitter history. To do this, we need Write capability before the Read feature.

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