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Mar 14,2013 Shopify API Ecommerce

A designer website for a designer shoe shop

Any business needs a website that perfectly reflects its core values, its image and its brand as a whole, with designer retailers needing a site that’s as sleek and sophisticated as the products being sold. The ordering process needs to be just as high-end to appeal to customers and make sure they don’t head elsewhere—in this sector quality is key with consumers having increasingly high expectations, with everything from the quality of the service to the luxury products and high-level website needing to come together to offer the shopping experience necessary.

Here at Juno we understand that fact, and we’ve put our knowledge to good use to create a designer site for designer shoe retailer Helen Bateman. This is a brand that produces exquisite shoes for discerning clientele, with each collection being truly individual and only made in short runs. The highest-quality materials are used to ensure standards are maintained whilst the skills of master craftsmen ensure each shoe is perfect, with a lot of styles boasting hand stitching for that truly authentic touch. The designer-led nature meant Helen Bateman needed a site that was just as high-level, and we think we’ve managed to achieve that.

We’ve created a site that’s sleek and professional whilst having a somewhat personal touch, reflecting the bespoke nature of the collections and incorporating a bit of Helen’s personality into things, and of course, the ordering process is top-notch. We’ve based the site on the Magento platform (being a major step up from its previous ecommerce solution) to ensure a great experience for the customer with everything working together perfectly, resulting in a site with a clean design and manageable processes throughout. It’s a designer site for a designer brand and is a standard that every high-end retailer needs to aspire to, and if you want to get the same kind of results make sure to get in touch.