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Jan 11,2008 Shopify API

A new year, a new Rolled

Happy new year readers, we're back from our company wide holiday of two weeks over Christmas and New Year and we're already rolling out some changes.

In terms of staff, Kieran Allen has left due to mutual consent and we've now brought Enrique Ramirez and David Myers in full-time. All front end development and web design needs will go through these two and they will start immediately. With Mike Robinson coming on board in December, this now makes four full-time employees including myself.

In addition to this we've been working with one of the few contractors we use outside of the team, David Pache, to re-brand Rolled At into Rolled Limited. We feel the new logo represents the quality we bring to our clients and we've re-launched our main site along side that vision. We will continue to use David Pache for any future client branding work needed and are very happy with what we've come out with.

Regarding articles on Sausage Roll, Mike is planning to write a weekly article or two for Sausage Roll starting soon. So if you have anything you'd like him to write about or give his opinion on feel free to e-mail him at with your ideas.