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Jan 25,2012 Shopify API

An eye on design

A good-looking website is half the job. Websites that offer incredible imagery and design, that inspire you to spend time looking around, are what every business desires. Gone are the days of crammed in pictures, flash design, flying text and sounds. Users want to have a smooth, enjoyable, experience when visiting an online store or site, so design is targeted. It also represents the ethos of the company.

At Juno Web Design, we are lucky to have our own Duke of Design- Alex.

Alex has been with Juno for 10 months, he previously worked as a 3D artist, producing graphics for video games. He has a great eye for detail and really knows what customers want and enjoy. His creative style is vast, from hard-hitting advertising visuals, to boutique style websites. He is incredibly talented and can create something stunning from a blank canvas.

Alex is currently in the process of creating sites for companies, whose target audience are mainly female, which dictates the way he goes about producing sometime wonderful to look at.

The majority of the sites Alex has been working on, are in the process of going live, once design is completed, pages are built and code fed in, the sites are ready to face the audience. It really is a team effort, from the basic design, to the content written on the pages.

This is a great features of choosing Juno to build, refresh, integrate and spruce up your site, it is a total team effort and we can offer the whole package, from design to written content.

So, the next time you take a trip to one of your favourite sites, think about why you like it. Is it pleasing to the eye? Was it easy to find? Have they got what you are looking for? Is it easy to use? Most importantly, will you be visiting again?
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