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Feb 12,2013 Shopify API Ecommerce

Athlete Store gets a clean-up

Athlete Store gets a clean-up

Here at Juno Web Design we’re committed to creating sites that are clean, functional and perfectly tailored to a brand’s target audience, and we realise the importance of positioning information carefully. We spend a great deal of time making sure our designs offer the perfect mix of aesthetic appeal and usability, and Athlete Store is the latest brand to benefit from our love of clean, sleek design ideals.

Athlete Store, the home of For Goodness Shakes, specialises in offering sports recovery drinks and related products to athletes that take their sport seriously. Given the high-impact nature of the products and the service offered as a whole we knew it was important to create a site that delivered the necessary information in a clear, attention-grabbing format, and that’s why we’ve given the homepage a bit of a revamp.

We’ve made the design a lot cleaner and sleeker with information being easily accessible and simple to understand, streamlining the design and the feel of the site as a whole. Static blocks add to the effect whilst the overall design is instantly eye-catching and helps to direct visitors to the appropriate areas, and because a lot of this industry is based on knowledge we’ve made it easier for people to have access to the necessary information.

This is enhanced by the blog. It focuses squarely on the fitness sector and incorporates industry news as well as information that can help athletes maximise their performance, and with the launch of new products this is an area that’s only going to get more central to their campaign. Content is therefore just as important as design for this brand and we’ve worked hard to ensure we hit the mark, so take a browse through their site to see what we can do and get in touch if you want to experience similar results.