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Nov 23,2008 Shopify API

Attract Traffic With Search Engine Optimization Services

According to some research that has been done on the subject, it is estimated that a new web design receives 85% of its new visitors from search engine traffic. In light of that fact, it's no wonder that webmasters spend huge money on search engine optimization (SEO) to attract visitors from Google and the other search engines.

One common question that newcomers to internet business always have is if they can find a way to get a top search engine ranking, or is it too late to be able to pull it off, or will it simply cost a fortune in SEO services to get there.

The optimistic say that there is still room at the top of the rankings. The answer is in employing proven search engine optimization marketing services, or in gaining the necessary skills to do it yourself. So, while it is a possibility to achieve high ranks, it is certain that it will come at an investment of either time or money or both, in order to earn high rankings with Google or other search engines.

The reality is that there are not any magic tricks or secret ways to achieve good page rankings, at least not on a permanent basis anyway. There are lots of "experts" out there who will tell you about black hat tricks, for a price, or who want to sell you their latest way to try to fake out the search engine optimization services. But if you fall for these things, you might get a quick spike in traffic, but you most likely will find yourself completely banned.

So, stay away from the smoke and mirrors approaches like cloaking, keyword stuffing, invisible links, mirror pages, and any type of software that is designed to try to pull the wool over the eyes of Google and any of the other search engines. The legitimate approach may take more time and effort by you won't be in danger of being completely dropped from all the search engines.

Again, you can choose to go the route of securing SEO services to help you get your site listed in on Google or the other search engines, but the fact is that you can do it yourself and you definitely will be better off over the long haul by learning those skills. Not only will it be much cheaper, but it will also be the safer route for you to take.

Safer? The reason for that is that once you turn over the responsibility of properly handling the search engine optimization marketing of your site, you lose an element of control that you have turned over to a stranger. If the person offering their search engine optimization seo services decides to raise their rates, or decides to test new "tricks" using your site, your site can be held hostage, or it could end up banned.

Reaching top search engine rankings may actually be simpler that you may think at this point. The best way to improve your rankings is simply to give the search engines what they want, and as a result you will end up receiving targeted traffic from Google and the other search engines on a regular basis. In this fashion, you can attract the right traffic naturally and have a constant stream of new visitors.

You cannot expect such a thing to happen overnight, but with time Google and the other search engines can come to love your site and reward it with high ranking and lots of targeted visitors.