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Aug 03,2009 Shopify API

Business Benefit, Web Design and Conversion

We saw some stats provided by Alexa whilst researching a site we reskinned in early June called Godine. I haven't seen such impressive results before for a web design and bear in mind these are Alexa results so a proportion of the sites traffic... but they look good.

[caption id="attachment_2076" align="aligncenter" width="588" caption="Godine | Alexa Graphs"][/caption]

A lot of work has been done on the site with the business owners promoting the business locally and nationally alongside the work of our SEO team so it would be wrong to say it is all us! However it is reassuring to see business benefit for our clients and makes us feel tremendously proud. We are looking at website interfaces more than ever in terms of communication and conversion as we create higher traffic levels to sites with our SEO work.

This is what we do it all for.

Charts and graphs are readily available at if you want to see what people are up to. To find out more about our Web Design and SEO services or just for some advice, please call 0115 941 8122.