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Jan 04,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

Content is king

There is a real buzz in the office this week as Juno Copywriting comes to life. We've always provided a writing service as part of our Web development and design, but now we have someone taking control of the creative side of the business that provides content and creative ideas.

Juno Copywriting is now an individual in their own right. Still working closely with Juno Web Design and Juno Media providing the complete package to clients, which takes the pressure off trying to find experts to write professional copy, but also providing content and written services to companies that may not require any web development.

The range of written services is vast and includes SEO, Web Content, Blogs, Articles, Radio Copywriting, Copywriting, PR and other content.

It may be the case that you love the look of your site but it isn't performing as well as you would expect. Juno Copywriting can provide refreshed unique content that speaks volumes to your customers and helps your site climb the rankings chart!

We really do believe content is king and it will outlast any type of fancy looking website, at the end of the day, customers use the internet to find something, an answer to a question, a product or a service. If they can't find what they are looking for immediately the soon leave the site. Great content will provide the answer, offer them additional information and keep them on the site to hopefully click-through and contact your company about your products or services.

So, there is a little insight into our world. Working with the cream of web designers and developers every single day allows us to be ahead of the game when it comes to little tricks and tips that help our writing aid your company to be pride of place of the 1st page of search results.