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Feb 03,2012 Shopify API Ecommerce

Design HQ - Exciting client meetings

Another busy, nail-biting and exciting week at Juno Web Design, after hundreds of hours of work, this week saw the launch deadline for 3 of the biggest clients we have worked with. Some of us will admit to not having much sleep this week, but that is the dedication our team shows when changing over new websites onto new servers.

Much of the work has been back-end development, but as always design is key to the look and feel of the sites. Once the sites are up and running we can tell you more about the work we completed for these big London brands.

Today we've had the pleasure of a client traveling to Nottingham for a design day. We enjoy these type of days, we can really get under the skin of the clients and see what they want. They can also learn about the processes we use and understand how users consume sites in terms of design. It's a learning curve for all and at the end of the day both team and clients learn a lot about what we as consumers like and how clients as retailers want to be perceived.

We're always providing an "after sales service" with all of our clients, ensuring the site is still looking great, changing areas to incorporate special offers of seasonal design.

Natura Skin Clinic is one of our many clients that we check on a regular basis and work behind the scenes of the Front end design, making sure they are doing well in search engines.

Design, as you can imagine, is a constant process which develops from a range of original ideas but with a personal take on the process.

It is great to see a starting point, ending point and the journey in between.

Have a great weekend

Juno Web Design