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Oct 24,2011 Shopify API

Designer sunglasses at Sunglasses Save

Ever since the Juno Web Design team re-built Sunglasses Save’s ecommerce website back in June 2009, they have been working to ensure that it provides a great online shopping experience for customers. Using Magento they have been finding ways to improve their conversion rates – which is the percentage of traffic that turns into actual sales. This has included altering specific elements to make the site run faster.

Sunglasses Save sells high-quality, designed sunglasses from brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley and Nike. They offer their customers these sunglasses at a 30% lower price, than they would find shopping on the high street. When our web design team re-built the ecommerce site, over 10,000 products were added, including both new and major brands, highlighting just how much choice Sunglasses Save has to offer. Their top selling sunglasses are designed by Ray-Ban – a popular brand across the globe.

When designing the product pages for Sunglasses Save it was essential that the images of the products were of a high-quality, as they are the key selling point when it comes to selling products online. Unlike in a traditional sunglasses store, where a customer can pick up a pair and inspect them, online they can only see an image, so it needs to be well-lit and clear, to show off the colour, shape and extra detail featured on the glasses. When a potential customer clicks on an image, a box will pop up featuring a larger scale image, so they can see the sunglasses in more detail. The whole website follows a simple black, green and grey colour scheme, with bold text that is easy to read. The product names are displayed above each image, with the price detailed underneath. Displaying the price of an item clearly for a customer is also important as it is another deciding factor, when it comes to making purchases.

The Juno web design team have also implemented a product filtering system in Magento, which allows customers to order how they would like to view the products. For example on the Ray-Ban product page you can choose to view the products by price, starting with the least expensive first, which is currently the ‘Ray-Ban RB4033’ glasses priced at £65.50.

Since their new e-commerce site launched, Sunglasses Save have experienced much more daily traffic to their site, and have achieved the number 2 spot on Google for the keyword ‘Sunglasses.’