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Feb 24,2011 Shopify API Ecommerce

Diecast Cars - Advanced Magento Ecommerce

Here at Juno we believe that the right technology can overcome even the biggest competition and save time, effort and money.

Our developers have been researching and testing Magento ecommerce sites and have now produced the perfect framework for our latest ecommerce clients.  The advanced Magento framework is ideal for site visitors, search engine optimisation (SEO) and back-end management.

The first website to take advantage of our new Magento technology is, seller of Diecast Models.  Diecast models are scale miniatures of real cars, planes and motorbikes, the most detailed models have tiny engines inside, opening doors and steering wheels that work.

We encourage anyone to have a look around the site and notice these key technical features:

Filterable Navigation - Specific model cars can be quickly narrowed down with dynamic, filterable navigation.  For example you can filter down results with a path such as this: [Cars > BMW > Blue] and find all the blue BMW model cars in stock.  Instead of creating millions of empty pages the filterable navigation dynamically misses out any filters that will provide zero product results.  The smart filters also use standardised canonical tags to ensure that every unique page of filtered results is indexed by Google without confusion or repetition.

Perfect URL structure - Forget parameters, symbols and masses of hyphens, our Magento URL's perfectly describe the page's content and structure.  Category sub-folders are used to split up and categorise the products giving descriptive URL's such as [] for the blue, BMW model car result for example.  This clean URL structure works wonders for on-site SEO and Google has very quickly indexed the entire site.  These URL's also help with click-through-rates on the SERPs and become a unified structure to perform link building on top of.

Massive Search Bar and Navigation Bar - The more ways people can find products the better.  With a massive search bar and extensive navigation drop down we cater to all site users from window shoppers, category searchers and very specific model searchers.

Page Caching - Magento is famously slow for the amount of PHP scripting it does server side and each second counts when it comes to making a sale.  We have finally implemented a foolproof method of caching Magento which doesn't effect the dynamic shopping baskets, see how quick the site performs on a regular landing page:

Secret Touches - A few of our secret touches are used to ensure Google indexes as much of the site as possible and each product's data is used as much as possible to help the overall site out.

Resulting traffic from this work from the word go has produced impressive graphs such as this one:

The site has yet to enter the top 3 results for it's main keywords, the SEO team say traffic will top over 1000 visits per day in about 3 months times once their work takes hold in Google.

If you would like to discuss our Magento ecommerce solutions then call us now on 0845 544 1766, we look forward to hearing from you...