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Jul 30,2010 Shopify API

Duffle Coats UK - New Web Design Graphics

Believe it or not the start of the duffle coat season has just begun this year in mid July!

Our clients are now in position for every "Duffle" related keyword on Google thanks to the continued hard work of our SEO team.  The Duffle Coat manufactures are set for a massive influx of customers this Autumn and Winter so Juno have updated the web design to improve conversion rates.

Below is the old design graphics:

There were many dark themes surrounding the old design and the main image was park of a 300kb+ Flash file that would take several seconds to load on some internet connections.

The first image that showed was one of a woman and we believe that this hampered sales of men's duffle coats as they may have thought the site was just selling women's duffle coats.  An average website user spends 4 seconds deciding whether to stay on a site or not so we thought it was important to have images of both men and women in the main header.

Below is the new design for

Split testing showed that these two images of models wearing coats were the most popular, red duffle coats are statistically the favorite in the UK which is where the target market is.  Again like the old design (which worked very well) we've made a big deal of the amazing online price offered and the history of the Montgomery brand.  Red text was used to highlight the £100+ price difference and blue was incorporated to create a more friendly overall feel.  We will further split test if the Union Jack flag out-converts a forest or winter scene, watch this space later for the results.

Our fingers are crossed for a wet and windy Autumn this year!!