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Dec 28,2009 Shopify API

Duffle Coats UK - simple design formula

Duffle Coats UK is a brand new site launched by Juno Web Design . We are mighty proud of it and it is selling well as well as featuring on all the online best design galleries. It proves a point that simpicity in design and purpose, and targeting is key. Too often we meet new start up businesses who believe they need extreme functionality on their sites to achieve... building in greater cost, longer timesales and sometimes failure to hit the market.

A simple formula works best.

Strong Design.
Appropriate software.
Clean clear easy navigation.
Conversion of traffic to sale.
Great product.
Right price.

Duffle Coats UK sells a small and brilliant ranges of original Montgomery Mens Duffle Coats and Womens Duffle Coats.

Visit the website by clicking click —> Duffle Coats

Here is a preview of the homepage web design.

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