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Apr 24,2013 Juno Ecommerce Ecommerce

Email marketing success for Timberland

Email marketing success for Timberland

Here at Juno we realise that launching a successful online campaign depends just as much on off-page techniques as it does on having a great website, which is why our design team is committed to creating tailored, effective campaigns that can deliver the necessary impact. Email marketing is one area proving to be particularly beneficial, and we’ve recently put together an email for Timberland with great success.

Timberland is already a well-known brand, but they wanted to show their customers just how far their name can travel. Media coverage is always a huge coup for fashion brands and Timberland manages to get talked about on a regular basis, so here at Juno we collated their various mentions and put together an email that highlights them for maximum impact. Our design team worked hard to create a sleek, stylish result that uses high-quality images to great effect, with the email being sent out to customers in the Timberland database to ensure optimum results.

Not only does this show the importance of having an effective email marketing campaign, but it highlights the need for having an up-to-date database as well. It’s important for customer details to be saved so they can be used for future marketing campaigns, giving you the chance to send out emails or related material to stay at the forefront of their mind and encourage them to make another purchase—that’s why developing an effective collation method is a core part of any design process, and again, we’re here to help.
The combination of an effective, high-impact marketing email and up-to-date customer details could easily boost revenue and garner the interest you want as you’re targeting people that already love the brand, so get in touch and see how this multi-dimensional approach can work for you and your business.